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Izaiah and Colleen Maynard are a newly married couple who come from very different family backgrounds. Izaiah is the youngest son of the famed Maynard family of San Myshuno. He was pushed out of the family business by his older brother who had been groomed to take over Maynard, Inc. from the time he was conceived. Colleen is the only daughter of two parents who never wanted children to begin with. She grew up knowing she was the result of a broken condom.

Both have secrets they keep from each other. Secrets that could not only destroy their marriage, but also themselves.

Family Tree

NSFW: Please be aware that all chapters should be considered not safe for the work environment. I will probably not be posting the warning on all chapters.

1:1 Once Upon a Time
1:2 Starry, Starry Night
1:3 All I Ask of You
1:4 Ring of Fire
1:5 Look at Me
1:6 Girl I’m Gonna Miss You
1:7 Survive You
1:8 Me and the Moon
1:9 Have You Seen Her
1:10 Childhood
1:11 Back to Life
1:12 Can’t Help Falling In Love
1:13 Helpless Heart
1:14 Children Will Listen
1:15 Bells of New York City
1:16 Bring Him Home
1:17 All of Me
1:18 Hold On
1:19 Haven’t Met You Yet
1:20 Block Party
1:21 Marry You
1:22 Home To Stay
1:23 Brahm’s Lullaby
1:24 Boom Boom Pow
1:25 Breaking News
1:26 Changes
1:27 A Different Man
1:28 Don’t Worry, Be Happy
1:29 Firework
1:30 Dirty Dawg
1:31 Achy Breaky Heart
1:32 Supermarket Flowers
1:33 Happy Birthday To You
1:34 All of The Above
1:35 In Pictures