7:40 It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

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Kyndall sat with her parents watching Victoria toddle around the room. She was explaining to them that she was ending her treatment. They were both upset like she knew they would be, but they also seemed to understand that the choice was hers to make and why she was doing it.

“There is something else I need to talk to the two of you about.”

She looked over at her daughter before looking back at them.

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“Cason and I decided that until he finishes school, someone needs to care for Victoria.”

Campbell felt that it was Cason’s responsibility, but didn’t say anything. He knew it would upset Kyndall and he didn’t want that.  He was going to tell her that she couldn’t take their granddaughter away to let someone else raise, but Abby spoke up first.

“Darling, you know that your father and I would be happy to continue helping you with Victoria. We love her and like having her here.”

Kyndall shook her head. “Mom, you wouldn’t be helping me with her. You would be given custody of her until Cason is out of school. You and Dad will be raising her yourselves until then.”

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Campbell frowned as he listened to the conversation. “What about Cason? Is he planning to be around at all the next three years?”

Kyndall nodded her head. “He will be home on weekends and holidays as long as he doesn’t have a game. He wants to see her and be a part of her life. He just has school to finish right now.”

Campbell shook his head. “He has his daughter to raise. That should be his priority.”

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Kyndall knew he would react like this. “Dad, her father finishing school will give her a better life. He will be able to find a better job and care for her. That is the reason that we both agreed that he needs to finish school. He was ready to quit and care for her, but I wouldn’t let him.”

“I don’t like any of this, Kyndall.”

“I know, Dad. It’s not what I dreamed for my daughter either, but it’s the best option.”

She looked over at her daughter. “If you don’t want to take care of her for me, I’ll take her over to Cason’s parents. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind her being there too much.”

I want to thank everyone who has been patient with the delayed posts. I am sorry about that. Life caught up to me.

Today marks three years since I introduced you all to Coleen and Izaiah. Now we are close to starting generation 8. Can you believe it? I sure can’t.