7:36 Bound To You

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Kyndall and Victoria were released from the hospital. Cason drove them home instead of hre parents. He had spent a lot of time at the hospital with her and their daughter. Kyndall was hoping it was a sign that he was ready to step up and help with Victoria. It was going to be a talk they would have to have soon. She would need to know what would happen to their daughter if her treatments failed.

At the house, her father took Victoria up to the nursery and told her to sit down and rest. She was actually feeling pretty good for the first time in awhile, but she wasn’t going to argue with her dad. She sat down on the sofa near her mom and waited for Cason to sit with them.

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“Do you feel up to going to grab something to eat? We won’t be gone for long.”

Kyndall shook her head. “Not tonight, Cason. We just got home. I’d like to spend some time with Victoria for a bit before going to bed.”

She was a bit annoyed by the disappointed look on his face when she turned down his offer of going out. He was going to have to deal with the fact that they had a daughter that needed to be taken care of.

She stood up and headed for the stairs. She was actually surprised when he followed her.

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Kyndall sat in the rocking chair as she watched Cason pick up their daughter. She watched him rock her and softly talk to her. She knew that he would be a great father if he allowed himself to be. 

She smiled softly to herself as she thought about the dreams she once had for her future. This was much like what she dreamed of. Her and Cason together with their children.

It was a future that may stay only in her dreams. Cason had other dreams for his own future. Kyndall didn’t even know if she would have a future. She was doing everything she could to make sure she did, but there were no guarantees.

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She watched him lay Victoria back down and stood up. She didn’t want their voices to wake the baby.

“Can we talk tomorrow before you go back to school? There are some important things that we need to discuss.”

Cason looked at their daughter, knowing that she was what Kyndall was referring to as important things. “Yeah. I can come by in the morning.”

He learned toward her and kissed her softly.

“I’ll see you tomorrow. “

She watched him leave and sighed. She wished that real life was as simple as it was in her dreams.