7:35 Everybody Hurts

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Kyndall sat talking to her family while Cason met his daughter. She was happy that her father was able to get him to come to the hospital. He seemed happy to see the baby which had been a big change from his first reaction. She was hoping that seeing their daughter would change his mind about wanting to be a part of Victoria’s life. Their daughter needed her father.

She looked around the room and frowned when she couldn’t find her own father. “Mom, where did Daddy go?”

Abbey shook her head. “I don’t know, honey. I haven’t seen him since he left the room to call Cason.”

Philip frowned as he listened. “I’ll go see if I can find him.”

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When Philip couldn’t find Campbell in the hospital, he had a feeling he knew where he would be found. 

He parked his car next to his son’s and grabbed his umbrella.  He was able to see Campbell standing in the small cemetery where the family had been buried for the past several generations.  He would give him a few minutes, but not many. He didn’t want his son to end up sick because he was standing in this cold rain.

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As he slowly walked to the gate, he was able to hear Campbell talking to the graves. He knew that Kyndall being sick was hard on him, but it wasn’t until this moment that he realized how scared his son was also.

He quietly opened the gate and walked over to his son. He gently put his hand on Campbell’s shoulder and gave a gentle squeeze.

“You have a beautiful granddaughter, son.”

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Campbell looked over at his dad as he let the words sink in. “Is she okay?”

Philip nodded. “She was tucked in her father’s arms sound asleep when I left to find you. Kyndall was looking for you.”

The mention of his daughter made his heart ache. She had been through so much the past several months to bring her own daughter into the world. “Is she…?”

Philip saved him from having to ask and gave his son a small smile. “She’s okay. She still has a long recovery from everything, but right now she is okay. She was sitting on the bed talking to Abbey, your mother, and your grandfather.”

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Philip moved over to one of the nearby graves. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been here.”

Campbell moved to his father’s side and looked at the grave of his brother. “It’s okay, Dad. Not everybody visits cemeteries except for funerals. Devin knew that you loved him.”

Philip nodded and looked at his son. “Your daughter knows that you love her. Right now she is scared and needs you to be strong for her, Campbell.”

Campbell looked down at the ground. “I know, Dad. It was just hard for me to be there today and wait when we didn’t know the outcome. I felt like I needed to be here with the rest of our family to help gather strength from them to get through this.”

“I understand. The last time I found you here was the day Kyndall was born and there were problems with Abbey. I remember how scared you were then.” He put his hand on Campbell’s shoulder. “You need to stop living with the ghosts of the past, son. It’s not healthy for you.”

Campbell looked back at the graves and nodded. “I know. I’m not sure why I keep coming to this place every time there is a risk to the lives of someone I love.”

“Because this is where you are afraid they will end up. You can’t think like that though. You have to have faith that they will be okay. Right now, your daughter is in the hospital after just giving birth to your granddaughter. She is starting some pretty aggressive treatments later today to help her get better so she can watch Victoria grow up. She is needing you there with her, Campbell.” He hoped that some of what he was saying was getting through to his son. He knew that all the loss in his life had taken a toll on him and probably always would, but he also knew that he needed to focus on those who were still in his life instead of those he had lost.

“Come back to the hospital with me. Meet your beautiful granddaughter.”

Campbell looked at his dad and nodded. “When they say great grandfather, I don’t think that just means old. You truly are a great grandfather…and an even greater father.”