7:33 Daddy’s Hands

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Campbell looked at the bills on his computer screen and sighed. At one time, he had a very comfortable bank account balance. It was quickly disappearing though. Kyndall’s medical bills were draining it faster than he could believe possible.

He clicked the button that would send the money from his bank account to the hospital to pay the latest bill.

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Abbey was laughing as she went into the kitchen to start dinner. She heard their daughter mention taking a nap until dinner was ready.  

“You need any help?”

She pointed to the vegetables on the counter. “You could chop those for me if you don’t mind.

Campbell moved to the counter and picked up the knife. He looked at what she was fixing so he would know how to cut the veggies. ” We got another hospital bill today. I plan to pay it tomorrow. I need to move some things around in the accounts first.”

Abbey listened as she added the chicken to the pan and put it in the oven. “I can go back to work if things are that bad.”

Campbell shook his head. “Our daughter needs someone here with her right now.”

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When dinner was ready, Abbey went upstairs to wake Kyndall. She stopped near the bed and just watched her daughter sleep. Even thought she was trying her best to be supportive and strong, all she wanted to do was cry about how unfair it was that her little girl was going through this again. The first time was bad enough. This time was much worse. There was so much more at stake this time.

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