7:31 Climb Every Mountain

07-11-20_8-11-11 PM

Kyndall spent a long time thinking about what her choices were. She considered all of her options and weighed the pros and cons of each. She did research  on the computer to find out the chances of her surviving if she decided to have the baby. She wanted to make this decision with all of the information.

She felt her stomach turning. She wasn’t sure if it was the leukemia, the stress, or the baby just trying to make its presence known. She moved to the bed and laid down to rest and think for a bit. She was feeling so overwhelmed with everything, but she wanted to make the right decision for her and the baby. She wished she had someone she could talk to, but everybody seemed set on her ending the pregnancy. She wanted someone she could actually discuss the options with and not be told what she should do.

07-11-20_8-21-53 PM

After the nausea passed, she called Dr. Roche to see if she would be able to talk to him. She wanted to discuss what would happen with both of the options so she could make a better decision. Maybe without her parents there, he would be more open to discussing the options with her.

“I can give you something to help with the nausea. It is safe for the baby and for you.”

She was grateful to him for doing that for her.

“Since you are here alone, I am going to assume that your parents were not told about this visit.”

Kyndall nodded. “I am an adult and can make the decision myself. I need to do this on my own without them pressuring me.” 

Dr. Roche nodded his understanding and listened to her. He knew that this was a tough decision for her to have to make. “How about if we discuss what to expect from both scenarios? That should help you make your decision.”

She was happy that he said that. It was what she was there. “That would be great.

07-11-20_8-22-24 PM

An hour later, Kyndall was feeling good about the choice she had made. They had set up a treatment plan that would begin the following week. She knew that the choice was the right one and now that it was written down, signed by her and the doctor, and put in her file, she was feeling good about it. 

As she left the office, she wanted to go see Cason. She knew that she couldn’t. Not after what he had said to her. It still hurt too much.

07-11-20_8-25-56 PM

At the house, Kyndall paused before going inside. She could see her parents through the window. They looked so happy and still so much in love after all these years. 

She laid her hand over her stomach and thought of Cason. She had planned on him being the man she would spend the rest of her life with. Now she wasn’t so sure that would happen. 

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