7:29 Home

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Campbell watched as his wife and daughter sat then took the seat on the other side of Kyndall. He watched as the doctor walked around them and headed for the desk. This doctor had been taking care of Kyndall for a long time. He was one of the best in the oncology field and Campbell knew his daughter was in good hands with him.

“I’m sorry to have to have you all come in today. I hope you were able to get some enjoyment from the holiday yesterday.”

Campbell shrugged as the doctor walked around his desk. “It was fine until your phone call.”

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The doctor nodded as he listened. “I understand, and I am sorry about that. I had considered waiting a few days, but it is important to get Kyndall seen as soon as possible. While the levels from the leukemia do not look as bad as they did when she had it as a child, there are special circumstances this time.”

“The baby.” Campbell hadn’t really been too surprised when she told them that she was pregnant. He knew what it was like in college. The environment was ripe for it to happen. 

The doctor nodded his head. “The baby causes a bit of a complication. The normal course of treatment cannot take place as long as she is pregnant.”

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Abbey was listening and saw Kyndall put her hand over her mouth. She knew that her daughter was feeling nautious and handed her the crackers she had brought with her. They sat and listened to the conversation between Dr. Roche and Campbell. 

“What do we need to do to give Kyndall the best chance of surviving this again?”

The doctor looked at the three of them. “The best chance for Kyndall to survive would be to end the pregnancy and begin treatment immediately.”

“Then let’s do it.”

07-07-20_3-07-19 PM

Kyndall looked at her father and shook her head. “No!”

Campbell was surprised to hear Kyndall yell. “Kyndall…”

She shook her head even more. “No, Daddy. I will make the decision on what happens. I’m not a little girl anymore.”

He looked at her and sighed. She was right. She wasn’t his little princess any longer. Now she was a young woman old enough to make her own mistakes. From the sound of it, she was considering making a big one.

“Kyndall, please use your head with this decision. Listen to Dr. Roche and do what he feels is best.”

07-07-20_3-05-41 PM

“Kyndall, sweetheart, your father is right. You need to do what is the best thing for you.”

She looked at her mother and shook her head. “Not you too, Mom. I thought you would understand.”

She looked at the doctor hoping he would at least understand. “I cannot make this decision right now. I need to talk to the baby’s father first.”


She looked over at her mom. “Don’t, Mom. This is my choice. I am this baby’s mother. Cason is the father. Cason deserves to know what is happen and be a part of the choice.”

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