7:27 Battle Cry


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Abbey took Kyndall to see the doctor. Even though Campbell was convinced that it was just the flu, Abbey wanted to make sure. When it came to their daughter, Abbey was a bit overprotective. So was Campbell but in a different manner. While Abbey focused more on Kyndall’s health, Campbell focused more on making sure nobody hurt their daughter.

They sat in Dr. Roche’s office as he asked Kyndall questions about how she had been feeling, school, and anything else that may be causing her to feel ill.

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Abbey listened to her daughter as she answered the doctor’s questions. She noticed that Kyndall did not tell the doctor about the incident with the professor. She was happy about that. She didn’t want her daughter to have to experience that again, even through her memories.

“Is it possible that you could be pregnant?”

Kyndall looked over at her mother, then back at the doctor and nodded. “Sorry, Mom.”

Abbey reached over and took her daughter’s hand in hers. “Nothing to be sorry for, Sweety. You are an adult. Your father and I knew you wouldn’t be a virgin your entire life.”

Kyndall did feel a little better about it, but was afraid that it would change the way her father viewed her. She had always been his little princess. She may not be now. 

“We’ll go ahead and do some blood work and see how those come out.” He looked at the two of them. “You are aware that there is a chance…”

Abbey nodded. “We know.”

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Kyndall heard the change in her mother’s voice and it was her turn to comfort her mother. She stood up and watched her mother stand a bit confused.

She wrapped her arms around her mother. “It will be okay, Mom. It’s most likely just the flu.”

Abbey held her daughter tight. She was hoping it was just the flu like everybody seemed convinced. She wasn’t ready for it to be anything else.

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