7:26 Grown Up Christmas List

03-03-20_2-41-25 PM

Abbey and Campbell were both happy to have Kyndall home for the holiday break, but they were worried about her. She had been home for a few days now and all she wanted to do was sleep. 

“College is exhausting. I’m sure she’ll be fine in a couple days.”

Abbey hoped Campbell was right. “I”m going to make an appointment with the doctor for her anyway.

03-03-20_3-01-42 PM

Campbell shook his head. “Honey, she has to do that herself now. She is an adult and we have to respect that.”

Abbey sighed as she thought about their daughter and everything that could possibly be wrong.

“Do you remember that birthday when she was was sick and fell asleep? We worried then and it turned out to be just the flu.”

03-03-20_3-02-22 PM

He pulled his wife into his arms. “She’s alright. She’s just worn out from college.”

Abbey looked at him. “Speaking of that. Did you take care of that issue?”

Campbell knew she was talking about the phone call from Amira. He nodded. “I did. Just don’t ask for the details. You know I can’t tell you. Just know that when she goes back to school, that will no longer be an issue for her.”

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