7:25 Hold It Against Me

02-18-20_7-41-48 PMCason sighed as he watched Kyndall napping. She had come home from her meeting with the professor upset and he had made her tell him what was wrong. He wished he hadn’t forced it from her, but he is also glad he did.

He was beyond pissed by what happened. He wanted to go to the university and give that professor a piece of his mind…with his fists. He knew he would be kicked out of school for that though. If he was kicked out, he wouldn’t be able to protect Kyndall from creeps like that professor.

He softy kissed her cheek so he wouldn’t wake her then went downstairs. He sat at the table with Bryan.

Bryan looked at Cason seeing that something had him pretty upset. “What’s up? Kyndall okay? I saw her run straight from the door to the room when she came in.”

02-18-20_7-44-27 PM

Cason shook his head as he sat down. “She’s not alright. Something happened that has her very upset.”

Amira sat down with the two guys. “What happened?”

Cason told the two of them what Kyndall had told him. He could feel himself getting angry all over again.

“She needs to report him. If he’s done this to her, there has to be others.”

Bryan nodded agreeing with his sister. “Maybe the others will come forward when they hear that he’s still doing it.”

Cason shook his head. “The choice is for her to make. I agree that he needs reported, but she needs to do it herself. Right now, she doesn’t want anybody else to know. She won’t even call her parents and tell them.”

02-18-20_7-47-19 PM

“Her parents need to know though. Her father will make sure the professor is dealt with.”

Bryan looked at Amira when she pulled out her phone. “Amira, you know the rumors about her dad and grandfather. Do you think we should tell them?”

Cason looked at Bryan. “Do you think those rumors are true?”

Bryan shrugged his shoulders. “Do you want to be the one to find out?”

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