7:24 Faith

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Kyndall hadn’t expected to find Professor Dickson’s office so informal. Most of the other professors had their officers stuffed full of books and things for their class. Professor Dickson’s office had the desk and books, but there were also snacks, drinks, and a sitting area.

Kyndall found Professor Dickson sitting in the chair in the sitting area.

“Have a seat, Miss Powell.” He waited until she had sat down before talking again. “I am assuming that  you are here to discuss your grade on the project?”

She sat and nodded. “I don’t feel that the grade you gave me was correct.”

He looked at her for several seconds before speaking. “You do not feel that you should have received a failing grade on the assignment.”

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Kyndall nodded again. “I worked hard on that project. Everything that was on the rubric was covered. I don’t understand what was wrong with it.”

Professor Dickson listened quietly as she detailed all of the elements that were required and that she had included in her project.

“I agree that the assignment that you turned it was very well thought out and well done.”

She looked at him confused. “Then I don’t understand why you gave it a failing grade.”

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He moved to sit beside her. “I know you can do better. You did a good job on the assignment and covered everything I asked you to. I think you could give more though.”

Kyndall was confused. “Like what?”

“Kyndall, your studen file says you are in the pre-med classes. That means you hope to become a doctor, correct?”

She nodded, not sure where he was going with this conversation.

“If a patient walked into your office would you hand them a bandaid or would you dig deeper into the reason they are there?”

She frowned as she listened. “Of course I would find out why they are there. A bandaid cannot fix everything.”

“Exactly, Miss Powell. Including only the basic information in your project is the same as the bandaid. It does not tell why the information is useful or important.”

Kyndall thought about all the work she had put into the paper. She knew that it was more than just basic information, but she could also see that arguing with him about it was not going to get her anywhere.

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“May I have a couple days to redo the project?”

Professor Dickson shook his head. “I’m sorry. If I did that for you, I would have to do it for everybody else. That would not be fair to the students who did receiving a passing grade on the project.”

Kyndall knew that she needed to pass this class before she could move on with the other classes she needed. She couldn’t fail any class…especially this one.

“Is there any extra credit or something that I can do? I really need to pass this class.”

She was willing to do anything he needed her to do in order to get a passing grade for his class.

He put his hand on her thigh and grinned. “I’m sure that if we put our heads together we can come up with something.”

She pushed his hand away and jumped up. “I don’t need the class bad enough to lower myself to being one of those girls.”

“I don’t see where you have a choice, Miss Powell. You need this class. I am the only professor who teaches it.”

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She headed for the door to the office. She had every intention of reporting him for this. He must have realized that because he jumped up and got between her and the door.

“If you say anything to anybody then you will be out of this school faster than you can blink.”

She saw the angry look on his face and backed away a few steps. He was still between her and the door and there was no other way to escape. She was going to have to come up with another plan to get through that door and away from him.

She saw the snacks on the counter by the door. She looked at the glasses. “Do you mind if I have a drink while I think about all of this.”

“Sure. Help yourself.” He grinned as he watched her step over to the counter.

02-16-20_11-07-27 PM

Kyndall was trying to decide her next move when she felt his hands on her waist. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath trying to calm herself so she could think.

“Kyndall, this is the best offer you are going to get. This is the only way you are going to pass my class. If you leave now, the offer goes with you and you will be in this exact same position next semester. Save yourself some time and accept what I am offering.”

02-16-20_11-07-44 PM

Kyndall turned and was startled to see him so close. 

“This is not appropriate, Professor. And my answer is no. I will not accept your terms for extra credit. I will take my failing grade to the dean and see if he agrees with your terms.”

02-16-20_11-07-49 PM

She turned to get away from him, but he kept his hands on her. “I suggest you remove your hands from my body. You were not given permission to touch me.”

She managed to step away from him. “If you ever touch me again, or if I ever hear of you touching another woman on this campus without her permission, you will regret it.”

02-16-20_11-09-48 PM

He watched her leave the office. He wasn’t worried about her threats. She was just a little girl who has not learned the way life works yet. He would be happy to teach her. 

He wasn’t worried about her telling anybody either. It was her word against his after all. Nobody would believe her.

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