7:23 On My Own

02-16-20_1-43-24 AM

Classes were harder than Kyndall expected them to be. She spent a lot of her time outside of class reading and studying in the common areas on campus.

Amira and Bryan had been arguing a lot at home lately so it was easier to study at the campus community center. It wasn’t as quiet as it should be at home, but her best friends weren’t screaming at each other. 

02-16-20_1-39-10 AM

One big benefit to studying on campus is having access to books and study materials that she did not have at the house. She wanted to read and study as much as she could. Especially since she had one professor who was really tough and expected them to go above and beyond on their work. 

Kyndall didn’t mind the extra work, but she didn’t like that professor. She couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was, but there was something off about him. She would be glad when the semester was over and she was finished with his class.

02-16-20_1-44-11 AM

Another added benefit to studying on campus was the extra time she got to spend with Cason. It was easier for him to stay on campus between classes and practice than it was for him to run home and back. They would study together while on campus.

Kyndall liked that time with him…even it was spent with their noses in books. She knew she would get the time with him in the evening without the books. That was the time she enjoyed the most.

02-16-20_1-50-21 AM

The problem was, when evening came and Cason was home from practice, Kyndall was usually pretty exhausted. She would try napping before everybody got home, but it didn’t seem to help.

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