7:22 It Was You

02-15-20_8-41-52 PM

Summer was almost over. College would start in a few days. 

Kyndall, Amira, Cason and Bryan had a house together in town. Amira and Bryan were both going to Foxbury. Cason and Kyndall were attending Britechester. 

It was nice that they were all living together. It made it feel a lot less lonely than it would have if they had been staying in dorms.

02-15-20_8-45-53 PM

Kyndall was glad to have her friends and her boyfriend with her. The four of them had known each other since the first day of kindergarten. Being away from them as well as her family would have made college a lot harder for her.

She knew that college was going to be hard. She had hopes of becoming a doctor so she could help children who were going through what she did when she was a kid. She wanted to be able to make their lives easier if she could. 

Having her friends here would give her people to study with and help keep her on track. They could keep each other on track. With Cason having his football practice, he was going to need the extra quiet of the house to help with his studies. He couldn’t get that at a noisy dorm.

02-15-20_8-52-28 PM

Plus they both liked the cuddles they could get in the house. They definitely wouldn’t get that in a dorm.

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