7:21 Graduation (Friends Forever)

02-12-20_6-27-29 PM


The day they had been waiting years for. The day they never wanted to arrive. 

They knew that everything was going to change. They would be going their own ways now. Some of them, like Rohan and Brandi, were joining the military. Some of them were staying in Willow Creek and finding jobs. Some of them were going away to college.

02-12-20_6-27-47 PM

She was glad that she would not be going to college alone. Amira, Bryan and Cason were all going with her. They already had their acceptance letters. 

The plan was for them to head there in a few days and find an apartment that they could all share. Cason had to go early for football practices anyway. He had gotten in on a scholarship and couldn’t miss the practices or he would lose it.

02-12-20_6-28-06 PM

Kyndall looked at the family and friends sitting infront of the stage. She was going to miss all of them. She knew that she would see them when she came home for holidays but it wasn’t going to be the same as seeing them every day like she does now.

She frowned when she saw someone walking up to the stage.

02-12-20_6-20-05 PM

“Grandpa, you shouldn’t be up here.”

Andy looked at his great granddaughter and didn’t say a word. He was too overcome with emotion to be able to say anything.

02-12-20_6-24-25 PM

He reached out and gave her a big hug. 

Cason saw his mother walking across the stage and sighed. What is with these old people? Don’t they remember their own graduations and how to behave?

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