7:20 Big Girls Don’t Cry

01-28-20_1-22-57 AM

Kyndall took the envelope out of the mailbox and smiled when she saw where it was from. She had been waiting for. This letter will determine if she gets to have the future she wanted.

It would tell her if she was accepted into the pre med program at the university.

01-28-20_2-37-11 AM

She sat down at the desk and opened the envelope. She read the letter and couldn’t help smiling. She had gotten in. She couldn’t wait to tell her parents. She would have to wait until they were home from their date night though. 

She looked at her laptop and sighed. She had finals and really needed to get some work done on her final report for her government class. It was the last thing she needed to do before graduation.

01-28-20_2-41-51 AM

She  worked for a few hours on the paper then sent it to her teacher through the online classroom program. She then opened her messenger program and smiled seeing that Cason and Amira were both online. She sent them a joint message.

“I got in. We’ll all staying together next year.”

As happy as she was about that, she couldn’t stop herself from being sad that she was leaving many of her friends after graduation. She wiped the tear from her cheek as she thought about it.

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