7:18 Do You Wanna Dance

01-25-20_7-08-21 PM

Kyndall looked at the dress through the mirror and sighed. “That dress is so pretty.”

Abbey shook her head at her daughter. “We are here for a prom dress, Kyndall. Not a wedding dress.”

“I know. It’s just so pretty though.”

01-25-20_7-10-11 PM

Once inside, she found herself once again drawn to the wedding dresses. “Someday, I want a dress like this.”

She fell in love with the poofy white ball gown. She knew that her father would love the gown also. It would make her look like the princess he always called her.

01-25-20_7-11-43 PM

“Kyndall, come over here with the rest of us.”

She sighed and walked to the other side of the shop. Her father had said that she could have any dress she wanted, but she knew that he didn’t mean a wedding dress.

She looked at the dresses on display.

“We do have other dresses in the back. We only keep a few of the newest ones out on the floor.”

Kyndall looked at the woman who had walked over to them. She was drop dead gorgeous.

“I’m Kaydence. You must be Kyndall Powell. At least I hope you are. The appointment book says that’s who was coming in today.”

Kyndall nodded. “That’s me.”

Kaydence smiled and led the group the back. “I’m going to take Kyndall to pull a few dresses. If you two would like to wait here, we’ll be right back.”

01-25-20_7-28-36 PM

Kyndall had fun looking through the rows of dresses. She picked out a few to take back to the fitting room.

She put the first dress on and stepped out so her mother and Almira could see the dress. She could tell as soon as she saw the look on her mother’s face that this one was not the dress.

“Your father would never let you out of the house in that dress. It is too short. There is no back to it at all. And you are barely covered. Forget your father. I wouldn’t let you out of the house in that dress.”

01-25-20_7-29-52 PM

Kyndall went back into the changing room grinning. “Now that we got that out of the way, I’m sure these other dresses will be much better.”

She put on the next dress and stepped out for them to see. 

“I suppose that is a little better. Still too short, but at least you are covered.”

Kyndall looked in the mirror. “I don’t know about this one. It reminds me of a dress I had when I was little.”

01-25-20_7-31-38 PM

The next dress she tried on she decided she really didn’t like. Even her mother and Almira agreed that it was more something that her Grandma Shelby would wear. 

She went back into the fitting room and looked at the next dress. She really liked this dress. It reminded her a little of the wedding dress out in the main room.

01-25-20_7-33-41 PM

Kyndall stepped out and saw the look on her mom’s face. She smiled and nodded. 

“I love this dress.”

“You look beautiful, Sweetheart. I think even your father would be pleased with this dress.”

Kyndall knew this dress was one of her favorites. She still had one dress to try on though. One she loved, but was not sure if her parents would.

01-25-20_7-47-05 PM

Campbell smiled when Abbey sat down beside him. “She found a dress?”

Abbey nodded. “Just remember who it was that told her she could have any dress that she wanted no matter the price.”

He looked at her a bit worried. “How much did the dress cost?”

“Let’s just say that our food budget for a month is less than her dress.”

He had actually expected it to be more so he wasn’t too worried. “As long as she loves the dress and she is happy with it, that’s what matters.”

Abbey hoped he wouldn’t regret those words after he saw the dress.

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