7:17 She’s In Love With The Boy

01-23-20_6-20-56 PM

After Kyndall left for her date, Campbell headed to the office. He told Abbey he had a contract to finish up. He could do that at home, but he wanted to do what he truly wanted to do without Abbey knowing about it.

He thought about the boy his daughter was out with and frowned. He had seemed like a decent kid, but maybe he was just too decent.

01-23-20_6-22-01 PM

He turned on his computer and put the boy’s name into search box…Cason Crespo. 

He looked through the things he found. It seems this kid wasn’t that bad. Star football player. Second in his class academically. Part time job on the weekends.  

He sighed as he just kept reading more and more good stuff about this kid. He turned off the computer and leaned back in his seat.

01-23-20_6-22-16 PM

So maybe his daughter did find a good guy. He could deal with that. He would be keeping an eye on the guy though. First sign that his daughter was unhappy, and the guy would be history.

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