7:16 Black Velvet

01-17-20_5-55-35 PM

Campbell looked the guy over. This kid thinks he is good enough to take his baby girl on her first date? He was going to make sure this kid deserved a date with her.

“Your name is Cason, right?”

“Yes sir.” Cason had heard the rumors about Kyndall’s father. He woudn’t admit it out loud, but he was nervous being in the room with him. He really hoped Kyndall hurried so they could get going.

01-17-20_6-04-27 PM

Abbey sat on Kyndall’s bed watching her get ready for her date. She looked beautiful. Abbey couldn’t believe her daughter was so grown up already. Time seemed to have raced by them.

“You know that if you need to get away, you can call me or your father.”

“Mom, it’s okay. Cason is a good guy.”

Abbey knew that even the good guys could do bad things. She knew her husband had a past and he is one of the good guys.

“Just don’t be afraid to call if you need to, Sweetheart.”

01-17-20_6-20-35 PM

Cason and Kyndall were both glad she was ready and heading down the stairs. She hadn’t wanted to leave Cason alone with her father for two long. She knew how her father could be.

Campbell looked at her daughter and smiled. “You look beautiful, Princess.”

Kyndall rolled her eyes as she hugged her dad. She hated him calling her that around her friends and especially around Cason. She didn’t want him to think she was a spoiled brat. She was spoiled, but she was far from a brat.

01-17-20_6-20-59 PM

Cason looked at Kyndall and smiled. “Your father is right. You do look beautiful.”

He looked at her parents. “We are going to have dinner at the restaurant near the movie theater then see a movie. I won’t keep her out late.”

Abbey smiled at the young man. “We would appreciate that. Thank you.”

Cambpell watched the two of them leave. “I’m not sure I like that kid.”

Even though I am pretty sick, I was feeling terrible about not having a chapter for today. It was 2 years ago today that I introduced everybody to Colleen and Izaiah and we started this roller coaster ride together. I want to thank you all for sticking with the story. It has had it’s good, it’s bad, and it’s VERY BAD moments. I promise there is still a lot more to come…once I’m feeling better.

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