7:15 Feeling Good

01-02-20_2-08-05 AM

Kyndall was home from the hospital and resting. Almira had come over to visit for awhile. They were sitting on her bed just talking about the usual things that teenage girls would talk about: school, friends, boys.

“My brother has a huge crush on you.”

01-02-20_2-08-19 AM

Kyndall looked at her a bit shocked. “Really?”

Almira nodded her head. “He never stops talking about you. I bet he’s going to ask you to the prom.”

Kyndall shook her head. “He won’t ask. I already know that Cooper is going to ask.”

01-02-20_2-08-43 AM

Almira wasn’t sure how to tell her without hurting her feelings. She knew that Kyndall really liked Cooper.

“Um…He asked April to go with him.”

Kyndall frowned hearing that. “Oh.”

01-02-20_2-09-03 AM

Almira could see she was upset about it. “I’m sorry. Maybe someone else will ask you.”

Kyndall shrugged. “I guess going with Bryan wouldn’t be too bad. He is really sweet and cute.”

Now Almira felt bad about telling her that not only did Bryan like her, but that Cooper asked someone else to go. She was worried that Bryan could get hurt in the end.

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