7:14 I’m Alright

12-25-19_5-44-15 PM

Abbey and Campbell rushed Kyndall to the hospital while Shelby and Phillip took care of cleaning up from the party and getting the other kids back home. 

Even though they were keeping Kyndall for the night in the hospital, she wasn’t very serious. She had a mild case of the flu but was dehydrated. They were keeping her to get some fluid into her then would send her home in the morning.

12-25-19_5-45-04 PM

Campbell looked over at Abbey. “That was pretty scary.”

She had to agree. She had been worried about it being so much worse. She had been worried it was a repeat of when their daughter was younger.

“Thankfully it’s nothing super serious.”

Abbey nodded. “She had me pretty worried.”

12-25-19_5-45-22 PM

Campbell nodded. “Me too. I wish she would have told us that she wasn’t feeling good. We could have cancelled the party and got her in to see a doctor sooner.”

“I think the party is why she didn’t tell us.”

Campbell sighed. “We need to make sure she knows that her health is the most important thing. Parties and everything else can wait.”

Abbey nodded agreeing. “Good luck getting a teenager to understand that.”

3 thoughts on “7:14 I’m Alright

  1. So very true! I remember when I was about 13 or 14 we had a Christmas play at school and I was in the choir. I wanted to go so bad even though I was running a fever. My mom made me miss it. I cried myself to sleep. So yes. Good luck with that! Lol…

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