7:13 Celebration

12-23-19_10-48-27 PM

Even though she wasn’t feeling very well, she didn’t tell her parents. She knew they were looking forward to the day. Not only was it Christmas and her grandparents and aunt would be there, but it was also her birthday and a few of her friends were coming by. She didn’t want to ruin the day for everybody by being sick. 

“It’s probably just a cold. I can handle a cold. I’ve survived worse.”

She was just go to sit on the sofa and chat with everybody and have an easy day. Hopefully nobody would notice she wasn’t feeling good.

12-23-19_10-49-07 PM

Kyndall was happy to see everybody. Even though she saw them nearly every day, she was happy to see her grandparents. They had been a huge part of her life since she was just a baby. 

She looked at her grandmother and gave a small smile. Shelby smiled back then frowned. She could tell something was wrong. She would wait until they were alone somewhere to ask her instead of while she’s surrounded by her friends.

12-23-19_10-49-20 PM

Shelby looked over at Almira while her granddaughter chatted with one of the boys from school. How could anybody come out in this weather dressed like that. Wasn’t she cold or something? She was going to have to remember to get the girl some clothes.

Kyndall watched everybody, but didn’t talk much. As much as she loved everybody and was happy seeing them all, she just wanted them all to go home so she could go upstairs and go back to bed.

12-23-19_10-50-03 PM

She couldn’t wait any more. She laid down on the sofa and closed her eyes. She would rest for a minute. That was all she needed. Just a minute then she would be fine.

Abbey looked at Kyndal and frowned. She elbowed Campbell and pointed out that their daughter was asleep on the sofa. 

“Maybe she just stayed up too late waiting for Santa last night.”



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