7:12 I’m Every Woman

12-20-19_4-31-09 PM

It was weird that the screen was not on for them to do their school lessons with Kyndall. Usually they left it off when she wasn’t feeling well, but she had been feeling better.

So why was the screen not on? Almira was going to stop at her friend’s house on the way home after school to make sure she was okay and see why she didn’t do school.

12-20-19_4-31-49 PM

Kyndall looked around as she walked into the classroom. They hadn’t started yet which was good. She hadn’t missed anything. 

She saw her friends sitting at their seats waiting for the first lesson. She hurried to her seat and sat down beside Almira.


Almira looked at her and grinned.

12-20-19_4-32-35 PM

“You are here!”

“I am.” They sat and talked a little before it was time to start with their writing.

Sorry it is such a short chapter and it took so long to get to you. I have been super busy with holiday stuff. The next chapter will be Kyndall’s birthday. I wanted it timed to come out around Christmas because she is a Christmas baby. 🙂


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