7:11 Hold On

12-09-19_5-06-57 PM

Abbey took Kyndall to her check up with Dr. Banks. Campbell was at work and had a meeting that he was not able to reschedule. Since it was only a check up, Abbey was okay with taking their daughter alone. She would fill Campbell in later.

They had gone through the exam and everything else and was sitting in the office talking with Dr. Banks.

12-09-19_5-07-36 PM

“Everything is looking great. Better than I expected at this point.”

Kyndall looked at her with only one question for her. “Can my friends visit me again now?”

Dr. Banks looked at her and smiled. “I can do even better than that. I’d say you are well enough to go back to school.”

Kyndall looked at her and smiled. “Really? I can see my friends at school?”

12-09-19_5-07-44 PM

Dr. Banks nodded. “You can.”

Kyndall looked over at her mother. “Did you hear that, Mommy? I can go back to school.”

“I heard, darling.” Abbey looked at the doctor. “You are for certain that she is no longer in danger being around other people?”

Dr. Banks nodded her head and smiled. “She may still get a cold or something like other kids, but it will no longer be as dangerous for her as it was a few weeks ago. Being around the others will boost her immune system even more now.”

12-09-19_5-08-02 PM

Dr. Banks looked at the two of them. “I do want you to know, however, that even though she is healthy now, there is a chance for the leukemia to return. The longer she goes without it returning, the better though.”

Kyndall looked at her mother. “I don’t want it to come back, Mommy. Maybe we better put a No Cancer Allowed sign on our door.”

Abbey looked at her and smiled softly. “We’ll do that.” She knew that wouldn’t keep it from coming back, but if it made her daughter feel better, she would do it to keep her happy.

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