7:10 Heaven Only Knows

12-08-19_1-22-59 PM

Campbell sat on the sofa with his wife watching their daughter play with her doll house. She was finally home. The house felt more alive again.

Kyndall was still not allowed to go to school. They also had to limit visitors to the house. Her immune system was still low so they had to wait for it to rebuild before she could be exposed to other people and their germs.

12-08-19_1-23-37 PM

Campbell looked over at his wife and smiled softly. “We are all together again.”

She kissed him softly. “Just the way it should be.”

“Let’s hope that is the only time we have to go through anything like that.”

Abbey nodded agreeing with him. She had been afraid of losing her daughter. She was happy that she hadn’t.

12-08-19_1-23-59 PM


Campbell looked over at their daughter. “Hi, Princess. You okay?”

She nodded. “Can Almira come over and play?”

Campbell wished he was able to tell her yes. He knew she was lonely having nobody to play with.

12-08-19_1-24-26 PM

He hugged his little girl. “I’m sorry, Princess. I wish she could, but you know she can’t.”

He hated seeing the sad look on her face. 

“Do you think she is still my friend, Daddy?”

“I’m sure she is. You will get to see her soon. You have your doctor appointment next week. If she says it is okay for you to see your friends again, you can invite them all over for a party.”

Abbey frowned when he said that. She knew that could be dangerous right now.

12-08-19_1-24-59 PM

Kyndall saw the look on her mom’s face and knew why. She looked up at her dad. “I think we’ll just start with Almira.”

Campbell nodded and smiled. “Good idea.”

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