7:9 Dear God

12-07-19_6-55-30 PM

Campbell and Abbey were sitting in the lobby waiting to see their daughter. The doctor was with her doing the daily exam. They still weren’t allowed in the room with her and it was pretty damn rough for the three of them. 

They were surprised when her teacher came through the door. 

“How is she doing?”

“The doctor is with her now. She has been doing pretty good though. She had her transplant and has been tired but doing very well. Her blood counts have been where they should be in this point of recovery.”

12-07-19_7-00-25 PM

“I’m glad. I was hoping the transplant would work. We really miss her at school.”

Campbell got up and let her have his seat. 

“Thank you, Mr. Powell. I am still a little sore after the procedure.”

“Your procedure? Are you okay?” Abbey was concerned at the thought that she may be sick.

12-07-19_7-00-58 PM

She nodded and smiled. “I am fine. I was the one that donated the bone marrow for Kyndall.”

Abbey leaned over and hugged the woman. “Thank you so much. You do not know how much that means to us.”

She shook her head and smiled. “I care about your daughter also. She is a wonderful little girl.”

12-07-19_7-01-08 PM

They sat and talked for awhile. When they were allowed to see Kyndall, they were told they could actually go in and see her. They let the teacher go in with them.

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