7:8 Fight Song

12-06-19_1-17-36 PM

Campbell and Kyndall were talking about her newest assignment for school while Abbey sat off to the side listening. When it came to their daughter’s math homework, Campbell was better at helping her.

Abbey watched the two of them and smiled. Kyndall had a few bad days where all she did most of the day was sleep. This seemed to be one of her good days.

They both looked at the door when the doctor came in.

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The doctor looked at the three of them grinning. “I have some news for you. We have a match.”

Campbell looked at her surprised. “Really? Was it one of us?”

The doctor shook her head. “It was not a family member. I cannot give any details about the donor without permission. If they wish to let you know who they are, that is fine. I am not allowed to though.”

12-06-19_1-30-14 PM

Abbey understood about the privacy laws. She had to deal with all of that when she was still working as a home health aide and therapist. That was before she married Campbell and had Kyndall.

The doctor sat down on the bed beside Kyndall. “We are going to be making some necessary changes. Starting tomorrow morning we will be starting to prepare Kyndall for the transplant. We need to kill off her own bone marrow in order to transplant the marrow from the donor.”

Campbell did not like the sound of that. It sounded painful and dangerous. He hated the idea of his daughter being in any pain.

“Tonight will be the last night will you be able to be with her in the same room for awhile. She will have to be completely isolated from everybody except the medical staff.”

12-06-19_1-30-19 PM

Campbell shook his head. “How can we be expected to stay away from our daughter?”

Abby walked over to him and put her hand on his shoulder. “It’s okay, love. We can visit and talk to her. We will just be separated by a window. It is for her health, love. She won’t have an immune system and we can make her very sick even if we don’t show any signs of being sick ourselves.”

The doctor nodded and looked at Campbell. “I promise that it is for her own safety. You can visit her as often as you want.”

Campbell looked at his daughter. “I just won’t be able to hug her.”

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