7:7 Get On Your Feet

12-04-19_4-50-13 PM

Campbell and Abbey sat in the principal’s office discussing a possible solution to Kyndall missing school. They think they had come up with a good solution. 

“We will pay for the equipment that will be needed in the classroom and for any training that may be necessary.”

“That is very generous of you, Mr. Powell.”

12-04-19_4-55-02 PM

Campbell shook his head. “For our daughter, nothing is too generous. We want her to be able to keep up with her classmates while also being able to focus on her health. We know there will be times when she won’t feel up to doing school, but we want it to be an option for her on the days she is feeling okay.”

Abbey listened and nodded. “Since being around a lot of people is dangerous for her at the moment, this seems like the best option for her. Most likely for the rest of her class also. They can see how their friend is doing that day and that she is still working on her class work and possibly motivate them.

12-04-19_4-55-07 PM

Kyndall’s teacher nodded. “I do have a few in class who have been distracted by her absense. This may help refocus them on their work. They would be able to see her and it would almost be like she is in the room with us again.”

The principal thought about it for a moment then nodded. “We’ll give it a try. If we see that it is a distraction to the class, we will have to end it.”

Campbell and Abbey nodded. “That sounds fair enough.”

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