7:6 Caruso

12-04-19_11-50-02 AM

Almira sat in the chair beside Kyndall’s bed talking with her. She had been trying to visit after school as often as she could and bringing Kyndall’s homework for her. She really missed having her best friend at school with her. 

“Has Rohan been leaving you alone?”

Almira nodded. “He’s actually been really nice. He sat with me at lunch today.”

12-04-19_11-50-26 AM

Kyndall grinned when she said that. “I think he likes you.”

Almira wrinkled her nose and shook her head. “Eww. No way. He’s just being nice because you aren’t there. Everybody in class is sad and misses you.”

12-04-19_11-50-41 AM

Kyndall shook her head and sighed. “I miss everybody at school. Even Rohan and your brother.”

“Bryan wanted to come see you with me today, but Mom told him no. He has a cold.”

Abbey frowned when she heard that. “Maybe you shouldn’t visit right now either, Almira. You could be carrying your brother’s germs.”

Almira shook her head. “I have been staying far away from Bryan so I don’t get his germs. I like coming to visit Kyndall and I know that a cold can make her very sick right now.”

12-04-19_11-50-46 AM

Kyndall looked at her mother. “Don’t make her leave, Mom. Please? She is the only person who is not family or works at the hospital that comes to visit me.”

Abbey looked over at Campbell. She was going to leave this decision up to him for now. 

“As long as you aren’t sniffling or coughing, I guess you can visit. If you start to feel sick, you will have to stay home until you feel better.”

12-04-19_11-51-36 AM

Almira nodded. “If I even have a sniffle, I will Facetime with Kyndall instead of coming to see her.”

Kyndall looked at her dad. “You will let me use your phone if she is sick and can’t visit won’t you?”

Campbell nodded. “Of course, Princess. I will talk to your mother about getting you your own phone or something so you can video chat with your friends.”

Kyndall and Almira looked at each other wide eyed. “Awesome!”

12-04-19_11-51-40 AM

Campbell looked at Abbey as he was thinking about the girls and video chats. “I want to go talk to the school. Maybe we can do something to keep her from falling behind in class.”

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