7:4 E Ti Promettero

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Kyndall watched her parents as they looked at her report card. She was worried about how they were going to react to it. She knew that since they were prefect, they would probably expect her to be perfect also. The problem was that her report car wasn’t perfect. She had gotten a B  in her Social Studies class.

Campbell looked up at his daughter. He could see that she looked worried. It bothered him that she seemed upset by her report card. “What’s wrong, Princess?”

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Kyndall looked at her father not sure of his reaction. He seemed to be fine with her grades, but he couldn’t be. They weren’t perfect. How could he be happy with them if they weren’t perfect. “I’m sorry that my Social Studies grade was not an A.”

Campbell kept watching his daughter. “And that bothers you?”

She nodded her head and looked down at her hands.

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Abbey frowned and looked over at her husband. “I think it is a very good report card. Better than most of the ones that I had.”

Campbell nodded his head as he thought about his own grades in school. His grades had been terrible until he had started working for his grandfather.

He looked at his daughter. “Did you do your best in class and on your homework?”

Kyndall nodded her head. “I tried to. I really did.”

12-03-19_4-40-34 PM

“Then that is all that matters.”

Kyndall looked up at her parents. “You aren’t mad?”

Abbey shook her head and smiled softly at her. “As long as you work hard and do your best, that is what is important to us.”

Kyndall felt much better knowing they weren’t upset. She gave them both big hugs. “You are the best parents ever.”

You probably noticed that things look a little different. My mods folder was really slowing down my game, even on my new laptop. I decided to clean it out. I kept my default replacement eyes and skin, makeup, tattoos, body hair, and lashes. I deleted all of the hair, clothes, and build buy CC. I tried to find hairs and clothes in game that were similar to what they had with the CC. I do miss the CC and how pretty my sims looked with it, but I’ll get used to them only having the game stuff. 🙂

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