7:14 I’m Alright

12-25-19_5-44-15 PM

Abbey and Campbell rushed Kyndall to the hospital while Shelby and Phillip took care of cleaning up from the party and getting the other kids back home. 

Even though they were keeping Kyndall for the night in the hospital, she wasn’t very serious. She had a mild case of the flu but was dehydrated. They were keeping her to get some fluid into her then would send her home in the morning.

12-25-19_5-45-04 PM

Campbell looked over at Abbey. “That was pretty scary.”

She had to agree. She had been worried about it being so much worse. She had been worried it was a repeat of when their daughter was younger.

“Thankfully it’s nothing super serious.”

Abbey nodded. “She had me pretty worried.”

12-25-19_5-45-22 PM

Campbell nodded. “Me too. I wish she would have told us that she wasn’t feeling good. We could have cancelled the party and got her in to see a doctor sooner.”

“I think the party is why she didn’t tell us.”

Campbell sighed. “We need to make sure she knows that her health is the most important thing. Parties and everything else can wait.”

Abbey nodded agreeing. “Good luck getting a teenager to understand that.”

7:13 Celebration

12-23-19_10-48-27 PM

Even though she wasn’t feeling very well, she didn’t tell her parents. She knew they were looking forward to the day. Not only was it Christmas and her grandparents and aunt would be there, but it was also her birthday and a few of her friends were coming by. She didn’t want to ruin the day for everybody by being sick. 

“It’s probably just a cold. I can handle a cold. I’ve survived worse.”

She was just go to sit on the sofa and chat with everybody and have an easy day. Hopefully nobody would notice she wasn’t feeling good.

12-23-19_10-49-07 PM

Kyndall was happy to see everybody. Even though she saw them nearly every day, she was happy to see her grandparents. They had been a huge part of her life since she was just a baby. 

She looked at her grandmother and gave a small smile. Shelby smiled back then frowned. She could tell something was wrong. She would wait until they were alone somewhere to ask her instead of while she’s surrounded by her friends.

12-23-19_10-49-20 PM

Shelby looked over at Almira while her granddaughter chatted with one of the boys from school. How could anybody come out in this weather dressed like that. Wasn’t she cold or something? She was going to have to remember to get the girl some clothes.

Kyndall watched everybody, but didn’t talk much. As much as she loved everybody and was happy seeing them all, she just wanted them all to go home so she could go upstairs and go back to bed.

12-23-19_10-50-03 PM

She couldn’t wait any more. She laid down on the sofa and closed her eyes. She would rest for a minute. That was all she needed. Just a minute then she would be fine.

Abbey looked at Kyndal and frowned. She elbowed Campbell and pointed out that their daughter was asleep on the sofa. 

“Maybe she just stayed up too late waiting for Santa last night.”



7:12 I’m Every Woman

12-20-19_4-31-09 PM

It was weird that the screen was not on for them to do their school lessons with Kyndall. Usually they left it off when she wasn’t feeling well, but she had been feeling better.

So why was the screen not on? Almira was going to stop at her friend’s house on the way home after school to make sure she was okay and see why she didn’t do school.

12-20-19_4-31-49 PM

Kyndall looked around as she walked into the classroom. They hadn’t started yet which was good. She hadn’t missed anything. 

She saw her friends sitting at their seats waiting for the first lesson. She hurried to her seat and sat down beside Almira.


Almira looked at her and grinned.

12-20-19_4-32-35 PM

“You are here!”

“I am.” They sat and talked a little before it was time to start with their writing.

Sorry it is such a short chapter and it took so long to get to you. I have been super busy with holiday stuff. The next chapter will be Kyndall’s birthday. I wanted it timed to come out around Christmas because she is a Christmas baby. 🙂


7:11 Hold On

12-09-19_5-06-57 PM

Abbey took Kyndall to her check up with Dr. Banks. Campbell was at work and had a meeting that he was not able to reschedule. Since it was only a check up, Abbey was okay with taking their daughter alone. She would fill Campbell in later.

They had gone through the exam and everything else and was sitting in the office talking with Dr. Banks.

12-09-19_5-07-36 PM

“Everything is looking great. Better than I expected at this point.”

Kyndall looked at her with only one question for her. “Can my friends visit me again now?”

Dr. Banks looked at her and smiled. “I can do even better than that. I’d say you are well enough to go back to school.”

Kyndall looked at her and smiled. “Really? I can see my friends at school?”

12-09-19_5-07-44 PM

Dr. Banks nodded. “You can.”

Kyndall looked over at her mother. “Did you hear that, Mommy? I can go back to school.”

“I heard, darling.” Abbey looked at the doctor. “You are for certain that she is no longer in danger being around other people?”

Dr. Banks nodded her head and smiled. “She may still get a cold or something like other kids, but it will no longer be as dangerous for her as it was a few weeks ago. Being around the others will boost her immune system even more now.”

12-09-19_5-08-02 PM

Dr. Banks looked at the two of them. “I do want you to know, however, that even though she is healthy now, there is a chance for the leukemia to return. The longer she goes without it returning, the better though.”

Kyndall looked at her mother. “I don’t want it to come back, Mommy. Maybe we better put a No Cancer Allowed sign on our door.”

Abbey looked at her and smiled softly. “We’ll do that.” She knew that wouldn’t keep it from coming back, but if it made her daughter feel better, she would do it to keep her happy.

7:10 Heaven Only Knows

12-08-19_1-22-59 PM

Campbell sat on the sofa with his wife watching their daughter play with her doll house. She was finally home. The house felt more alive again.

Kyndall was still not allowed to go to school. They also had to limit visitors to the house. Her immune system was still low so they had to wait for it to rebuild before she could be exposed to other people and their germs.

12-08-19_1-23-37 PM

Campbell looked over at his wife and smiled softly. “We are all together again.”

She kissed him softly. “Just the way it should be.”

“Let’s hope that is the only time we have to go through anything like that.”

Abbey nodded agreeing with him. She had been afraid of losing her daughter. She was happy that she hadn’t.

12-08-19_1-23-59 PM


Campbell looked over at their daughter. “Hi, Princess. You okay?”

She nodded. “Can Almira come over and play?”

Campbell wished he was able to tell her yes. He knew she was lonely having nobody to play with.

12-08-19_1-24-26 PM

He hugged his little girl. “I’m sorry, Princess. I wish she could, but you know she can’t.”

He hated seeing the sad look on her face. 

“Do you think she is still my friend, Daddy?”

“I’m sure she is. You will get to see her soon. You have your doctor appointment next week. If she says it is okay for you to see your friends again, you can invite them all over for a party.”

Abbey frowned when he said that. She knew that could be dangerous right now.

12-08-19_1-24-59 PM

Kyndall saw the look on her mom’s face and knew why. She looked up at her dad. “I think we’ll just start with Almira.”

Campbell nodded and smiled. “Good idea.”

7:9 Dear God

12-07-19_6-55-30 PM

Campbell and Abbey were sitting in the lobby waiting to see their daughter. The doctor was with her doing the daily exam. They still weren’t allowed in the room with her and it was pretty damn rough for the three of them. 

They were surprised when her teacher came through the door. 

“How is she doing?”

“The doctor is with her now. She has been doing pretty good though. She had her transplant and has been tired but doing very well. Her blood counts have been where they should be in this point of recovery.”

12-07-19_7-00-25 PM

“I’m glad. I was hoping the transplant would work. We really miss her at school.”

Campbell got up and let her have his seat. 

“Thank you, Mr. Powell. I am still a little sore after the procedure.”

“Your procedure? Are you okay?” Abbey was concerned at the thought that she may be sick.

12-07-19_7-00-58 PM

She nodded and smiled. “I am fine. I was the one that donated the bone marrow for Kyndall.”

Abbey leaned over and hugged the woman. “Thank you so much. You do not know how much that means to us.”

She shook her head and smiled. “I care about your daughter also. She is a wonderful little girl.”

12-07-19_7-01-08 PM

They sat and talked for awhile. When they were allowed to see Kyndall, they were told they could actually go in and see her. They let the teacher go in with them.

7:8 Fight Song

12-06-19_1-17-36 PM

Campbell and Kyndall were talking about her newest assignment for school while Abbey sat off to the side listening. When it came to their daughter’s math homework, Campbell was better at helping her.

Abbey watched the two of them and smiled. Kyndall had a few bad days where all she did most of the day was sleep. This seemed to be one of her good days.

They both looked at the door when the doctor came in.

12-06-19_1-28-40 PM

The doctor looked at the three of them grinning. “I have some news for you. We have a match.”

Campbell looked at her surprised. “Really? Was it one of us?”

The doctor shook her head. “It was not a family member. I cannot give any details about the donor without permission. If they wish to let you know who they are, that is fine. I am not allowed to though.”

12-06-19_1-30-14 PM

Abbey understood about the privacy laws. She had to deal with all of that when she was still working as a home health aide and therapist. That was before she married Campbell and had Kyndall.

The doctor sat down on the bed beside Kyndall. “We are going to be making some necessary changes. Starting tomorrow morning we will be starting to prepare Kyndall for the transplant. We need to kill off her own bone marrow in order to transplant the marrow from the donor.”

Campbell did not like the sound of that. It sounded painful and dangerous. He hated the idea of his daughter being in any pain.

“Tonight will be the last night will you be able to be with her in the same room for awhile. She will have to be completely isolated from everybody except the medical staff.”

12-06-19_1-30-19 PM

Campbell shook his head. “How can we be expected to stay away from our daughter?”

Abby walked over to him and put her hand on his shoulder. “It’s okay, love. We can visit and talk to her. We will just be separated by a window. It is for her health, love. She won’t have an immune system and we can make her very sick even if we don’t show any signs of being sick ourselves.”

The doctor nodded and looked at Campbell. “I promise that it is for her own safety. You can visit her as often as you want.”

Campbell looked at his daughter. “I just won’t be able to hug her.”

7:7 Get On Your Feet

12-04-19_4-50-13 PM

Campbell and Abbey sat in the principal’s office discussing a possible solution to Kyndall missing school. They think they had come up with a good solution. 

“We will pay for the equipment that will be needed in the classroom and for any training that may be necessary.”

“That is very generous of you, Mr. Powell.”

12-04-19_4-55-02 PM

Campbell shook his head. “For our daughter, nothing is too generous. We want her to be able to keep up with her classmates while also being able to focus on her health. We know there will be times when she won’t feel up to doing school, but we want it to be an option for her on the days she is feeling okay.”

Abbey listened and nodded. “Since being around a lot of people is dangerous for her at the moment, this seems like the best option for her. Most likely for the rest of her class also. They can see how their friend is doing that day and that she is still working on her class work and possibly motivate them.

12-04-19_4-55-07 PM

Kyndall’s teacher nodded. “I do have a few in class who have been distracted by her absense. This may help refocus them on their work. They would be able to see her and it would almost be like she is in the room with us again.”

The principal thought about it for a moment then nodded. “We’ll give it a try. If we see that it is a distraction to the class, we will have to end it.”

Campbell and Abbey nodded. “That sounds fair enough.”

7:6 Caruso

12-04-19_11-50-02 AM

Almira sat in the chair beside Kyndall’s bed talking with her. She had been trying to visit after school as often as she could and bringing Kyndall’s homework for her. She really missed having her best friend at school with her. 

“Has Rohan been leaving you alone?”

Almira nodded. “He’s actually been really nice. He sat with me at lunch today.”

12-04-19_11-50-26 AM

Kyndall grinned when she said that. “I think he likes you.”

Almira wrinkled her nose and shook her head. “Eww. No way. He’s just being nice because you aren’t there. Everybody in class is sad and misses you.”

12-04-19_11-50-41 AM

Kyndall shook her head and sighed. “I miss everybody at school. Even Rohan and your brother.”

“Bryan wanted to come see you with me today, but Mom told him no. He has a cold.”

Abbey frowned when she heard that. “Maybe you shouldn’t visit right now either, Almira. You could be carrying your brother’s germs.”

Almira shook her head. “I have been staying far away from Bryan so I don’t get his germs. I like coming to visit Kyndall and I know that a cold can make her very sick right now.”

12-04-19_11-50-46 AM

Kyndall looked at her mother. “Don’t make her leave, Mom. Please? She is the only person who is not family or works at the hospital that comes to visit me.”

Abbey looked over at Campbell. She was going to leave this decision up to him for now. 

“As long as you aren’t sniffling or coughing, I guess you can visit. If you start to feel sick, you will have to stay home until you feel better.”

12-04-19_11-51-36 AM

Almira nodded. “If I even have a sniffle, I will Facetime with Kyndall instead of coming to see her.”

Kyndall looked at her dad. “You will let me use your phone if she is sick and can’t visit won’t you?”

Campbell nodded. “Of course, Princess. I will talk to your mother about getting you your own phone or something so you can video chat with your friends.”

Kyndall and Almira looked at each other wide eyed. “Awesome!”

12-04-19_11-51-40 AM

Campbell looked at Abbey as he was thinking about the girls and video chats. “I want to go talk to the school. Maybe we can do something to keep her from falling behind in class.”