7:2 Ben

11-26-19_6-10-03 PM

Kyndall looked around the playground trying to decide what she wanted to do. She saw the boys playing with the basketball. Most of the girls were on the swings. 

She looked around and saw one of the girls from her class sitting alone at one of the picnic tables. She decided that she would try to cheer her up. She had heard what one of the boys had said to her in class.

11-26-19_6-10-21 PM

“You are Almira, right? I’m Kyndall.”

She saw the girl look down at the table without saying anything. 

“I heard what Rohan said. It’s not true. You are smart in your own ways. You know all of your letters. Not all of them know that yet.”

Almira nodded and looked up at Kyndall.

“And did you hear him call the kangaroo a giraffe?”

11-26-19_6-11-16 PM

She nodded and laughed. 

“Even I know the difference in those two animals.”

11-26-19_6-10-51 PM

The two girls spent the rest of their recess talking and becoming friends.

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