7:1 ABC

11-26-19_4-06-20 PM

Abbey sat the plate on the table in front of Kyndall.

“Hurry and eat. You are running late. Your dad is going to have to drop you off at school on his way to work.”

11-26-19_4-07-00 PM

Kyndall looked down at the plate then up at her mother. 

“It’s okay, Mama. Daddy don’t have to take me. I can wait until tomorrow to go to school.”

Campbell came in as she said that. 

“It does not look that way, Princess.”

11-26-19_4-10-31 PM

He sat down beside her at the table. 

“Why don’t you want to go to school?”

She looked over at her dad. 

“People who go to school are smart, Daddy. I’m not smart yet.”

11-26-19_4-10-36 PM

Campbell smiled and shook his head. 

“That’s not how it works, Sweetheart. People are smart because they go to school. School teaches them the things they need to know to be smart.

11-26-19_4-10-41 PM

“So if I go to school, I can learn to be smart like you and Mama are?”

Campbell nodded and smiled. 

“You need to eat your breakfast first. Then I will drive you to school.”

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