6:70 Best Living

11-18-19_10-50-44 PM

Abbey hung up the phone and called Shelby. “Campbell fell. He hurt his back. I am going to meet them at the hospital, but I need someone to stay with Kyndall.”

Shelby was at the door just a few minutes later. “Let me know as soon as you know anything.”

Abbey nodded. “I’ll call you.”

She hurried out the door so she could get to the hospital.

11-18-19_9-16-33 PM

Campbell held his wife’s hand as they listened to the doctor.

“You may be dore for a few days, but you are going to be fine. There was no damage done.”

They were happy to hear that. It wasn’t a big fall, but they were cautious anyway. They were not going to take any chances after all of the time he had spent in a wheelchair already.

“I want you to take a few days off and rest your back. If you get any tingling in your legs or feet, I want you to come back immediately.”

Campbell nodded. “Thank you, Doctor.”

11-18-19_9-16-51 PM

He looked over at Abbey. “See, love? I told you I was fine. You worry too much.”

She nodded and smiled softly. “Let’s go home. I left your mother at the house with Kyndall.”

11-18-19_9-17-45 PM

She pulled out her phone and sent Shelby a text as they were leaving.

“I know Mom is worried. How much you want to bed that Dad and Grandpa will also be there when we get home?”

Abbey shook her head. “I’m not stupid enough to take that bet. I know they’ll both be there.”

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