6:68 Break Free

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Campbell explained to his father and grandfather about the conversation with Johnny. He was hoping his grandfather would give him some advice on how to handle this, but he was not much help.

“I have faith in you to do the right thing, Campbell. I would not have put you in charge of everything if I did not believe you could handle it.”

“Grandpa, Tierra is family. What am I supposed to do about that?”

Andy shook his head. “You do what you feel is the right thing, Campbell.”

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He looked at his dad and frowned. He was hoping his dad would help him, but he could see that was not going to be possible.

“Dad? Are you okay?”

Philip was lost in his memories of having to deal with the father’s of these two and all the torture they had put him through.

Campbell looked over at his grandfather who was watching Philip. 

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“Go get your mother.”

Philip went to the living room where his mother was sitting with Abbey. “Mom, Dad is needing you. He’s in Grandpa’s office.”

Abbey looked at her husband curiously. He shook his head then followed his mother. He stood off to the side watching as she cupped his father’s face and looked into his eyes talking to him. He watched his dad respond to her then follow her from the office.

Campbell looked at his grandfather. “Maybe you should have given Mom all the control.”

Andy laughed and nodded. “She sure does know how to control your father.”

“He is going to be alright, isn’t he?”

Andy nodded. “He’ll be fine. I think he was just reliving a bit of his past. Your mother has always been able to get through to him when he was like this. She will calm him back down.”

“Probably shouldn’t talk about this around him then.”

“Probably not.”

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