6:66 Believer

11-16-19_4-02-41 AM

 Andy stood up when Campbell came into the office. He walked around the desk and smiled.

“The seat is yours, Mr. Powell.”

Andy looked at his grandfather confused. “What do you mean?”

“Today is my last day. I’m officially handing everything over to you.”

Campbell looked at the chair his grandfather had sat in for so many years and shook his head. “I’m not ready, Grandpa.”

“Yes, you are. I would not be leaving if I didn’t think you were capable of taking care of the business and the family.”

Campbell looked at him a bit shocked. “The family…”

Andy nodded watching him. “I know you will do what you need to do, Campbell.”

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Campbell shook his head as he sat down in his grandfather’s old chair. “I don’t know, Grandpa. Why me?”

“Well the business point is obvious. As for you taking care of the family, you have experienced things that the others have not. It instills a sense in a person that makes them want to protect what they have remaining.”

Andy sat down in one of the chairs in front of the desk. “If someone hurt your daughter, what would you do?”

“Hunt them down and make them pay.”

Andy nodded. “And that is why you are the person taking over, Campbell. I have faith in you to do what you need to do and keep everybody safe.”

Campbell wished he had that same faith in himself. He thought about Devin and Rita and shook his head. “I will do my best, Grandpa. That’s all I can promise.”

Andy was happy with just the promise. He knew that his grandson was stronger than he believed himself to be. If tested, he would show his true strength.

“I am going to go past the job site one last time on the way home.”

11-16-19_4-20-17 AM

Andy looked at the house that was almost finished. His grandson had designed this house. He was very proud of the man Campbell had become. He was wandering around the house when he heard the conversation between a couple of the workers.

“Can you believe the old man is giving that kid everything? Big mistake. The dude just got out of a wheelchair. He doesn’t have what it takes to do this damn job.”

Andy stood back listening to all the talk about Campbell. He kept getting angrier with each word.

“I don’t know what that hot wife of his sees in him. The fact that he was even able to land a woman like that from a chair gives me hope. If he can do it, then any of us can. Hell, maybe I’ll just take the kids woman. Show her what a whole man can give her.”

Andy stepped away from the wall. He had one last thing to do before his retirement became official. He had an employee to get rid of.

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