6:65 Anywhere For You

11-11-19_3-23-19 PM

Campbell carried Kyndall into the house and laid her in the bassinet they had for downstairs. 

He looked over at Abbey when she walked up beside him.

“We did good.”

Abbey smiled and nodded. “We sure did. But tonight is our first night alone with her. Let’s see if you still feel that way in the morning.”

“I’m sure I will. Our little girl is perfect.”

Abbey kissed his cheek. “Just like her mother.”

Campbell thought she was going to say something else so was caught off guard. He laughed then kissed her.

“You are perfect.”

11-11-19_3-25-23 PM

He helped her to the sofa. “You rest. I will fix dinner.” 

“Thank you, love. You may want to prepare extra. I am sure your parents will stop by to see Kyndall.”

Campbell shook his head. “I already made them promise to wait until this weekend.”

“Two days alone with our daughter? How will we survive?”

 Campbell smiled as he pulled her closer to him. “Change diapers, nap when she does, cuddle when we can.”

Abbey kissed him then smiled. “I’m really liking that plan. Especially the nap when she does part.”

Campbell laughed and shook his head. “My favorite was the cuddle.”

She grinned up at him. “That we can do while we nap.”

11-11-19_3-26-55 PM

He took her hand and started to lead her toward the stairs, but someone had other plans. He dropped her hand and smiled. “I’ll change her since you have the dinner she wants.”

He went over to the bassinet and picked up their daughter. He kissed her forehead as he cuddled her. He grabbed the things he needed then changed her wet diaper. He smiled as he handed her to Abbey.

“She is ready for dinner.”

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