6:57 Anyway

10-28-19_3-52-33 PM

While Abbey was with his mother and sister, he pulled his father and grandfather into another room.

“You didn’t look happy about the news, Dad.”

“I am happy, but I’m also worried. It’s hard enough taking care of a child without the added problem of being in a wheelchair.”

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Campbell shook his head. “Haven’t I already proven to you all that this chair is not a problem? I have not let it stop me from doing anything I had planned to do before I was in the chair.”

“It’s different with a baby, Campbell.”

“People in wheelchairs are capable of being good parents.” He looked at his father. “What I brought you in here for is to tell you that I plan to ask Abbey to marry me tonight. Now I also plan to marry her in private with nobody invited. You can explain to Mom why.”

He turned the chair to leave the room, but his father grabbed his chair. “Let go of my chair.”

“Not until you listen to me.”

“I did listen. You don’t believe I’m capable of being a good father. I got the message loud and clear.”

“That is not at all what I meant, Campbell. I know you would be a wonderful father. It’s just going to be a lot harder than it normally would because of the chair.”

10-28-19_3-54-35 PM

Campbell shook his head. “It won’t be any harder for me than anybody else. Plus, I have Abbey.”

“Don’t punish your mother for my stupid choice in words, Campbell.”

“I don’t plan to have a large wedding anyway, Dad. I already planned one of those and we know how that ended up. I don’t want to do all of that again.”

“You can have a small wedding and still have family there.”

Andy put his hand on Philip’s shoulder. “It is his wedding, Philip. That makes it his choice. Besides, he hasn’t even asked her yet.”

Philip nodded. “You are right.” He looked at his son and gave a small smile. “I am happy for you both.”

6 thoughts on “6:57 Anyway

    1. It isn’t getting married that bother’s Philip. It is the baby. He is worried Campbell won’t be able to care for the baby from a wheelchair. They have not told anybody he is working on getting out of the chair.

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  1. I remember some years ago in the Toronto Star an article about a couple (both disabled) who either got their baby taken away or almost taken from them by CAS. I forget what the reason was.

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