6:56 I Love You This Big

10-28-19_3-18-25 PM

He looked up at Abbey when they got out of the van. “Don’t forget, we are only telling them about the baby right now. I want to surprise them later with the rest.”

She nodded and smiled. 

Abbey had gone with him to the doctor and they were pleased with the progress he had been making. They had been working hard with his therapy.

They went into the house together and was happy to see that everybody was home. Usually his sister was out with friends, so this was a very rare occurrence. 

Everybody stopped to give him a hug.

“This is a surprise.”

“We just wanted to talk to everybody.”

10-28-19_3-22-07 PM

Shelby looked at the two of them and smiled. She had a feeling she knew what was coming.

“Are you two getting married?”

Campbell shook his head. “Maybe someday, but not today.”

Shelby was a little disappointed to hear that. 

“We wanted to let you all know that we are having a baby.”

It wasn’t until Philip repeated what was said that it registered for her. She squealed, then hugged them both. “Oh my goodness, you two!”

“I’d say mom is not thrilled with the news.”

Shelby laughed and looked at Fiona. “I’d say you are wrong.”

10-28-19_3-24-34 PM

She looked over at Abbey. “How are you feeling? You doing okay?”

Abbey nodded and smiled. “I’m feeling pretty good so far. It’s still pretty early.”

“When is the due date?”

“December 23.”

Shelby smiled and nodded. “A Christmas baby. That will be fun.”

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