6:48 Alla Luce Del Sole

10-26-19_6-55-37 PM

Campbell endured the pokes, prods, and tests from the doctor. He was left sore and waiting for answers that the doctor seemed to be taking her time telling him.

“Maybe the fact that it is taking so long is a good thing. They want to be certain of things before talking to you.”

Campbell nodded and looked at his watch again. They had been waiting for almost an hour.

They all looked up when the doctor came into the room. It was hard to tell by the look on her face if the news was good or not.

She sat down at her desk and put her hands on the file in front of her. “I am sorry that it took so long to talk to you. I asked two other doctors to look at the tests and make sure they were accurate.”

10-26-19_7-22-41 PM

Campbell was hoping that meant there was some kinds of change that was going to result in him getting to walk again.

“The other doctors and I all agree that there has been no change.”

Campbell looked down at his hands. Shelby hated seeing him looking so sad and defeated.

“Is there any chance of a change in the future?”

The doctor shook her head. “It’s been almost a year since the injury. If there was going to be any change, we would have seen it by now. His back is showing the exact same as it was the day of the injury. I’m sorry.”

Shelby watched as her son started to wheel himself to the door. She knew he was upset with the news. She wasn’t happy about it either, but she wasn’t surprised. She had heard the doctors before talking about his chances being small.

10-26-19_7-24-24 PM

She talked to the doctor for a few minutes then left the office to find her son. She found him in the waiting room with Abbey telling her what the doctor had said. 

She put her hand on his shoulder. “You want to stop somewhere for lunch?”

He shook his head. “I just want to go to the office and work. It’s a day just like any other.”

Shelby knew that it wasn’t. She looked at Abbey who just silently shook her head.

“I’ll take him to the office, Mrs. Powell.”

“Thank you, Abbey.”

Shelby went outside with the two of them. She watched them head for the van and sighed before she went to her own car to head home.

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