6:47 A Song For Mama

10-26-19_2-36-13 PM

Campbell sat in his home office. He had woken up with a sore back and it was a bit hard to move around. He knew that going into the office wasn’t going to be possible. 

He called Brooklyn to find out if there had been any meetings scheduled. 

“Just the daily one with Kyle about how the projects are going. Would you like me to have him stop by the house before heading to the sites?”

Campbell thought about it for a moment before answering her. “No. I trust him. I know if there’s anything that needs to be decided on today, he’ll call me.”

After hanging up the phone, Campbell called downstairs for Abbey.

10-26-19_2-37-31 PM

“Can you call my doctor and schedule an appointment for me?”

Campbell would have called himself, but he didn’t have the number. He knew that Abbey kept the number for all of his doctors and his family in her file on him.

“I sure will. Which doctor are you needing to see?”

“I’m not sure. My back is really bothering me today and the pain meds aren’t working at all for it.”

Abbey nodded. “I’ll get ahold of the neurologist and see if they want to see you or if it should be the pain clinic.”

“Thanks, Abbey.”

Despite all the complaining and arguing he had done before, he was actually happy to have Abbey there to help him. She had turned out to be a pretty good friend.

10-26-19_2-43-56 PM

Shelby had heard that Campbell was working from home and knew that he only did that when he was having a bad day. Since she was already out running errands, she decided to stop to see him.

“It’s okay, Mom. Abbey made an appointment for me already with the doctor.”

“Do you want me to go with you?”

He had been about to tell her no, but decided that having his mother there wouldn’t be too bad. She always knew the questions to ask the doctor that he never thought of. 

Shelby hated that her son was in pain. She had always hated seeing any of her kids hurting.

“Maybe the fact that you are feeling pain in your back is a good sign. Maybe things are healing.”

Campbell nodded. “That’s what I am hoping. I don’t want to go through this pain and have it be for nothing.”

Shelby knew that Campbell had never given up hope that he would be walking again soon. She hoped that he was right. 

“Is there anything you can do for the pain until your appointment?”

He shook his head. “On days like this, I just have to hope that the pain meds will give some relief and just rest.”

Shelby kissed her son’s cheek. “You rest then. Don’t over do things and make the pain worse. I’ll talk to Abbey on my way out and get the information about the appointment.”

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