6:44 When I’m Back On My Feet Again

Campbell looked at the box sitting on the shelf just out of his reach. He was needing that box, but Abbey was at the grocery store. 

He only had a couple inches to stretch for the box. He could do it if he tried hard enough.

He put his hands on the arms of the wheelchair and stretched up towards the box. He raised one hand and grabbed the box.

10-24-19_8-52-37 PM

Abbey came home and sat the groceries on the table. She went to find Campbell and let him know she was back.

“Mr. Powell?”

She went room to room looking for him and finally found him on the floor in the room he had always kept locked.

10-24-19_8-55-53 PM

“Mr. Powell!” 

She hurried over to check on him.

“Just stay still. Are you hurting anywhere?”

He tried to sit up but she held him down with a hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t get up. You could have hurt yourself.”

“I’m not hurt. Help me up, please.”

“What happened?”

“I was trying to get a box off a shelf and forgot to set the brakes on the chair.”

10-24-19_8-58-02 PM

She carefully helped him up and into the chair.

“We should get you to the hospital and get some x-rays to make sure you didn’t injure yourself more.”

Campbell shook his head. “I’m fine.”

Abbey was going to point out that he hadn’t been able to get into the chair himself, but knew it was pointless. He was a stubborn man. She had realized that a while ago.

10-24-19_8-58-13 PM

She looked around the room. This nursery was really nice. Why would he keep the door locked to it?

Campbell saw her looking around the room. This was the one place he kept only to himself.

“Don’t you have groceries that need put away?”

She looked at him and frowned then nodded. “If you need anything…”

He watched her leave the room and felt a little bad about how he had just acted. He just wasn’t ready to share this with her or anybody else yet.

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