6:41 Smile

10-21-19_3-41-01 PM

Campbell needed out of the house. He was going crazy cooped up and not being able to go anywhere.

He looked at Abbey. “Can you drive?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I need you to drive me a couple places.”

She nodded. “Let me get my purse and keys.”

He waited for her to return then they went out to the driveway. He looked at his car and frowned. “What do you drive?”

She pointed to the tiny car.

“We’ll have to take my car. We’ll stop at a dealership to see about something more accommodating.”

10-21-19_4-05-23 PM

Andy sighed as he wheeled around the park. They had finished it while he was gone. He should be proud of the job that had been done, but all he felt was sadness. He wasn’t there when it was completed. 

It was the same for the youth center. They had stopped there before the park and he was surprised to see it completed and open.

“Are you okay, Mr. Powell?”

He nodded. “I’m fine.”

“This park is beautiful. Whoever designed it, did an amazing job.”

10-21-19_4-04-23 PM

Abby looked around and saw the fountain. 

“That fountain is amazing. It’s so beautiful.”

Campbell remembered his grandfather telling him about the fountain.

“It has a romantic story attached to it.”

“It does? Can you tell me the story?”

“There was a man who had been dating a beautiful woman that he wanted to spend his life with. She had seen the fountain and loved it. He went back later and purchased it as a surprise for her. After he had it installed in his yard, he invited her to see it and proposed to her beside the fountain.”

“That’s beautiful. You know the story pretty well.”

He nodded. “My grandfather told me the story. The man and woman were his grandparents.”

She looked at him when he said that. “Did your grandfather design this park?”

Campbell shook his head. “I did.”

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