6:40 Sorry Not Sorry

10-20-19_3-21-37 PM

“I’m sorry, Mr. Powell. Only your parents can fire me.’

Campbell growled in frustration. “I am perfectly capable of doing things myself.”

He turned and went to the kitchen. He was going to show all of them that he could take care of things and didn’t need the help. 

He pulled the things he needed from the fridge and held them on his lap to take them to the counter. He got the food chopped and ready to cook.

He put the pan on the stove and reached for the temperature knob. His fingers barely brushed it.

10-20-19_3-27-44 PM

He tried several times with the same results.


He saw the hand reach around him and turn the stove on.”

“What temperature would you like it on?”

10-20-19_3-32-32 PM

He pushed the chair away from the stove and turned to leave the kitchen. 

“Just toss it all into the garbage. I’m not hungry now.”

He hit the elevator button and went to his room. He called his grandfather.

“I need your help.”

10-20-19_4-08-56 PM

Andy watched his grandson try the stoves. He was glad he was doing something to make himself more independent.

“This is the one.”

Andy looked at the stove. It didn’t fit the aesthetic of Campbell’s house.

10-20-19_4-09-34 PM

“Are you sure?”

“It’s the only one that I can reach the controls on.”

Andy knew how picky his grandson had been when he had picked out the first stove. He knew that Campbell would not be happy with this stove.

“We can look somewhere else.”

Campbell shook his head. “This will do. It is only until I can walk again.”

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