6:39 Preach

10-19-19_5-51-47 PM

Campbell was back home in Willow Creek. His parents wanted him to move back to the house with them, but he refused. If he was going to be in Willow Creek, he was going to be in his own home. 

His mother suggested that they move into his house, which Campbell also said no to. He did agree to his parents hiring a live-in-aide. He also agreed to letting his grandfather put an elevator in his house since his wheelchair wasn’t able to maneuver the stairs.


He looked over at his father. “I’m sorry. I was zoned out again.”

“What were you thinking about this time?”

Campbell shrugged his shoulders. “Just how different things are now.”

10-19-19_6-08-52 PM

He watched the aide as she cleaned the house. 

“It should be Rita here doing all of this.”

“I know, Son.” Philip could see how upset Campbell was about everything.

“You can still change your mind about us being here. You know your mother…”

Campbell shook his head. “Mom wants to treat me like I can’t do anything for myself. I know she means well, but it is frustrating.”

10-19-19_6-11-46 PM

Philip smiled at his son. “She likes to fix things for people. She has always been like that.”

Campbell looked over at his father. “How do you do it, Dad?” Doesn’t it drive you crazy?”

“Sometimes, but it is part of who your mother is. I love her despite her faults.”

Philip looked at his son. “You will understand someday. You will meet somebody who drives you crazy, but you can’t live without.”

Campbell shook his head. “I already met that person and lost her.”

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