6:37 Of Course I’m Alright

10-17-19_12-58-24 PM

Campbell put his things down and sighed. It had been a long few days, but at least he was working, keeping busy, keeping his mind off other things, and actually enjoying himself. He heard a noise in his bedroom and frowned. He wasn’t expecting anybody. Maybe it was the landlord trying to take care of the rodent problem.


He grabbed his hammer from his tool belt and headed for the bedroom. He pulled his phone from his pocket and had 911 punched in so he would only have to hit the button. 

10-17-19_1-00-34 PM

He opened the door and saw the back of a familiar head.


Philip turned and looked at his son. “Hello, Campbell.”

Campbell hadn’t realized how much he had missed his family until he saw his father. He put down the phone and hammer and hugged his dad.

“How did you find me?”

“Your grandfather. Plus the fact that you are working for your grandfather’s company. Your aunt runs the branch of it here in the city.”

He should have known that but had just been happy to be working a job he enjoyed.

“Why are you here?”

10-17-19_1-02-47 PM

Philip sat on the edge of the bed and looked at his son. “I’m not here to force you to come home if that is what you are worried about. Your mother wants you home, but she is going to be upset that I came home without you, but she’ll live. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

Campbell sat beside his father. He was actually glad to see him. 

“I’m not sure okay is the word I would use, but I’m surviving. I’m sorry I worried Mom. I just needed to get away from there.” 

“I understand. If this is where you feel like you need to be right now, then I’ll support your decision to be here. So does your grandfather. We’ll deal with your mother. You just focus on yourself right now and do what you need to do to get yourself through this.”

Campbell felt much better knowing his father and grandfather were behind him doing this. “Thanks, Dad.”

10-17-19_1-03-28 PM

“Do me a favor please. Call your mother. Let her know that you are okay.”

Campbell nodded. “I’ll call her.”

“Please don’t shut us out again, Campbell. If you need to do something, talk to us. Well, talk to me and your grandfather at least.”

“How is Grandpa?”

“He misses you. We all do. Get your head straight, then come home. Even if it’s only for a visit. It will make your grandfather and your mother happy to see you.”

He nodded listening. He did really miss his family. “I’ll come home to visit soon. I promise.”

4 thoughts on “6:37 Of Course I’m Alright

  1. Im glad Phillip supports his son at least….hopefully he´ll be smart and not tell Shelby where Campbell is….have a nagging feeling if he did she´d waltz over and try and force Campbell home

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