6:36 Man In The Mirror

10-16-19_9-14-20 PM

Campbell looked around the small apartment he had rented. It was in rough shape which was a benefit for him at the moment. His family would not think to find him here. 

His aunt lived across town which worried him a little bit, but was far enough away that the chances of running into her were slim.

He sat the picture of him and Rita on the night table beside his bed. He wished that she was here with him. That was a stupid wish though, because if she was there, they would still be in Willow Creek, not in this run down small dump of an apartment that he was hiding in.

He sighed then left the bedroom. He needed to find a job. There was a lot of construction going on around town so maybe he would be able to get on with one of the crews. It was what he knew and was good at after all.

10-16-19_9-56-08 PM

He decided to leave his car in the parking garage and explore the neighborhood on foot. He  knew there was a building going up just a few blocks away. He walked over to the site and watched the workers for a few minutes. He frowned when he saw a big problem with the building.

He looked around for the person that looked like the site supervisor. “I’m not sure if you realize this, but this building, the way it is currently, will not finish completion before it is a pile of rubble. You don’t have anything to bear the weight of the upper floors.”

“And just what do you know about this?”

“I have been working in construction since I was 16 years old.”

10-16-19_9-57-02 PM

He asked to see the blue prints then pointed out the problems in the design and what should be done to fix them. The supervisor stopped the workers and called his boss to come and look at the design changes.

“What is your name, Kid?”

“Campbell Powell.”

The supervisor looked him over. “Come back tomorrow dressed to work. That’s if you are looking for work.”

Campbell nodded. “Thank you. I’ll be here.”

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