6:32 The Call

10-12-19_8-26-13 PM

“Honey, have you seen Campbell?”

Philip looked up from the stove at his wife. “He should be in his old room.”

“He’s not. I went to wake him for breakfast and the room is empty. It doesn’t look like it’s been touched.”

Philip turned off the stove and put the pan on the back burner. “Is his keys still on the coffee table?”

Shelby checked the coffee table in both the sitting area and the tv area. “They aren’t here.”

“He probably went to his house. Call him. I’ll get dressed and head to the house to check on him.”

10-12-19_8-33-06 PM

Shelby tried to call her son but wasn’t getting an answer. She went to the bedroom and watched Philip get dressed. “He’s not answering his phone.”

“He probably just wants some time to process everything. You know how he gets, love. I will go and check on him.”

Philip kissed his wife’s cheek before heading to the garage.

10-12-19_8-48-04 PMPhilip stood outside Campbell’s house and called his father-in-law. 

“He’s not at the house. I talked to Clare and she said she saw his car here last night, but he left again about ten minutes after he got here. She said he hasn’t been home since.”

“I’ll go check the youth center and the park. Maybe he went in to work to get his mind off everything.”

Philip hung up the phone and sat there thinking. He was trying to figure out where his son could have gone. There was only one place that he could think of. It was somewhere that he knew his son would go often when things got to be too overwhelming for him.

He started the car and headed for Brindleton Bay.

10-12-19_9-19-56 PM

Philip was relieved when he saw his son’s car in the driveway. He pulled in behind it and got out. He walked toward the cemetery. He opened the gate and saw his son laying on the ground near the graves of Devin and Rita. 

He put his hand on Campbell’s shoulders to wake him. He gave him a gentle shake. “Campbell, come on, buddy. It’s time to go home.”

When he didn’t get a response, he shook him a little harder. “Campbell…”

He looked at the bottle that fell from his son’s hand. He picked it up and looked at the label. It was a brand new prescription that had been filled just a couple days earlier. The bottle was empty. 

He looked around hoping that the pills had just spilled onto the ground when the bottle fell. He only found two pills. 

“Campbell! Wake up, son.”

He called 911, then called Andy.

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