6:28 L’Ultima Notte

10-08-19_6-11-39 PM

Shelby hung up the phone and looked over at her dad. 

“I’m really worried about him, Daddy.”

“So am I. He says he is fine, but I know he isn’t. He hasn’t been to the site in two weeks.”

“Keep an eye on him for me, Daddy. I don’t think he’s taking his meds.”

10-08-19_6-13-21 PM

“I know he went to see Dr. Brown yesterday. He went straight to his office afterwards and didn’t talk to anyone.”

“That’s the problem. He’s not talking. Hopefully he talked to Dr. Brown.”

Philip came in and sat down beside his wife. “He couldn’t have talked to Dr. Brown yesterday. Dr. Brown died a few months ago.”

Shelby frowned hearing that. “Hopefully he found a new therapist to talk to. He needs someone to talk to and he won’t talk to any of us.”

Andy looked at the two of them. “As long as he is coming to the office, we know he is okay. I’m keeping an eye on him.” 

“Thank you, Daddy.”

10-08-19_6-13-39 PM

“We have to remember that he is going through something none of us has gone through before. He lost his fiance and unborn son.” 

Andy looked at his daughter. “You know what it feels like to not be with the person you love, but you knew he was alive and would be home to you and Campbell. He doesn’t get that hope.”

Shelby looked at her father. “Daddy, you do know what it feels like though. You lost…”

Andy put his hand up and stopped her from saying it. “I know. And we both remember how I was afterwards.”

Shelby nodded. “Much like Campbell is right now. That is what worries me.”

Philip put his arm around his wife and sighed. “He has lost so many people he was close to. I’m not sure if he can take any more without breaking.”

“Daddy, maybe if you talk to him…You know what he is going through.”

Andy nodded. “If he comes to me, I will talk to him. I will not force him to talk though.”

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