6:26 Confident

10-05-19_2-20-16 PM

Campbell was stopped by the desk when he got to work. He looked at the new girl working there. “Good morning, Brooklyn. Is my grandfather in?”

Annette had retired the week before and this new girl had been well trained before she left. Campbell was just happy that it was someone he knew and found easy to work with. Andy had hired her because she was married to his nephew. Family first, just like always.

Brooklyn looked up and nodded. “Good morning, Campbell. Your grandfather is in his office and would like to see you before you get busy.”

“Thank you.”

Campbell put his things in his office then walked over to see his grandfather.

“Good morning, Grandpa. Brooklyn said you wanted to see me.”

10-05-19_2-21-05 PM

Andy nodded as his grandson sat down. “I want you to be the first to know. I am starting to get things set up for my retirement. I am hoping that you still want to take over for me.”

Campbell didn’t like thinking of his grandfather retiring. He enjoyed working with him. “I’ll miss you around here.”

Andy smiled when he said that. “I’ll miss being here. It won’t be for a few years though. I need time to get you ready to take over things here and…”

Campbell looked at his grandfather. “The family protection business?”

10-05-19_2-21-57 PM

Andy nodded. “Yes. That too. Not today though. There’s too much for you to still learn, and you have your wedding to take care of first. How are things going with it.”

Campbell leaned back in the chair and smiled. “Everything is done for now. I know the last week before will be busy with final stuff, but we are now done and ready.”

“Is there anything you two need? Everything paid for?”

Campbell shook his head. “Everything has been paid for already. Only thing we need is for everybody to show up and have fun.”

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