6:25 Between Now And Forever

10-05-19_12-09-18 PM

“My roommate either has to go or I do. I can’t live with that woman any longer.”

Campbell listened to Rita as they ate dinner. She had been complaining a lot about the roommate lately.

“Move in here. You spend most of your time here anyway.”

Rita dropped her fork and looked at him. “Are you serious?”

10-05-19_12-10-01 PM

Campbell nodded. “You are always here. You spend the nights here. We are having a kid together. It no longer makes sense for you to be paying rent just for your stuff.”

He reached over and took her hand in his. “You will be living here in a few months anyway. I don’t plan to have my wife living somewhere else.”

“Can you believe the wedding is only three months away?”

He nodded. “My mother reminds me every day. I got the plane tickets last night.”

Rita grinned when he said that. “A week in Paris with the man I love. I am a lucky woman.”

“Not as lucky as I am.” He looked at her and grinned. “We can move your things tomorrow.”

10-05-19_1-34-17 PM

Campbell looked at the now full room and smiled. His house was finally complete. He had only filled the rooms he used before, but now the other rooms were finished.

They had used Rita’s bed in the guest room since they both agreed that Campbell’s bed was much more comfortable. Rita had decorated the guest room herself while Campbell painted this last room and put everything together. 

Rita came into the room and laid her head on Campbell’s shoulder. He smiled and kissed her softly.

“I think our son will love this room.”

10-05-19_1-36-32 PM

“I hope so. I worked hard on this room for him.”

Campbell laid is hand on Rita’s stomach and smiled as their son kicked him. 

“How did your appointment go today?”

“Same as always. Both of us are doing great. He is strong and healthy.”

Campbell kissed Rita softly. “I love you, Miss Blair.”

Rita smiled up at him. “I love you, Mr. Powell.”

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